WordPress Site Management Service Offer

There Is no doubt that WordPress is a leader for website design .It now powers a third of the websites on the internet today.With the availability of a large selection of Plugins .That can increase your sites look &performance.

It is so easy to use,many people operate multiple sites.From blogging to E commerce. Which is great for the brand of the internet marketer .Hopefully earn extra income from these sites.A saying i heard from an other marketer says “the more pay buttons you have,the more money you will make”

But how do you keep check on all these sites?Many websites have loads of content,comments,pictures,videos and can crash.Dealing with these issues takes time and the you could lose income.Even a start up website still needs to be managed.All that extra manpower going into serving a website.Could be draining your energy or enthusiasm for making money from internet marketing.

Thats were an agency like Best For Digital Comes in.Our service can take does responsibilities away from you .Give you back the freedom to create posts,make new designs or just run your business without the hassle of managing a website.

Look on us as an extra employee without the need for a wage packet,pay employee taxes,no medical calls on your finance and are flexible to work with.

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Let me explain further our WordPress Site Management Offer.

Right from the start at no stage will you lose control of a website.The security of the site and the need to protect website visitors confidentially.Is at the top of our list.This service will be offered to you through a WordPress Plugin.It will let me access the site remotely.

So What can we do for you?

1 Update your site plugins

2 Check site security.

3 Do full SEO,keep your rankings and improve them.

4 Make post on your behalf.

5 Fix broken back links.

6 Delete spam comments.

7 Reply to comments

8 Install extra marketing materials to gain extra customer leads.

9 HTTPS is now the standard for websites.If you are still using HTTP.Then we can  arrange a change for you.

 More services will come available in the near future.

If you are interested in this service,please fill out the contact form below 

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