The Importance of Back-links to your Website

The Importance of Back-links to your Website Should Never be Underestimated. They are by far one of the easiest ways to get higher search engine rankings. Using links from other authority sites and from similar web-pages. Shows how relevant your content to users. This gives the search engines the content ,their customers require .As part of SEO Back-links  high authority sites like Wikipedia and a news site like CNN carry great weight with Search Engines. Try to reference sites like these in your content.  To understand more, below is a brief history of Back-linking and do’s & Don’ts.

A Simple History on Back-links

Back-links have always had some bearing on how well a site ranked in search engine result pages (SERPs). However, in the past, the algorithms were not designed to consider people trying to cheat the system by loading up on back-links from sites that had nothing but links on them, no content of any real relevance. These sites quickly became known as “link farms” and were used by webmasters to increase the ranking of their multiple sites.

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In addition to this practice, webmasters often created one web page specifically to house reciprocal links called a links page. It was used by people building reciprocal links to better leverage their site in search engine results but provided no real content. Sometimes, reciprocal links were even exchange between sites that had no direct relevance to each other too. So, in a links page you might find a link to a toy site when the website hosting the link had to do with the elderly. It obviously made no sense to reward this type of behind the scenes ranking manipulations!

Google was one of the first major search engines to start looking at how to reward good quality links that had relevance and added content to a site instead of rewarding savvy, but somewhat unscrupulous practices of cheating the search engine results with backroom deals and black hat tricks. They kept using back-links as a determinant of reputation, but also strengthened the algorithm to look for specific quality links and penalizing link farms and other black hat man-oeuvres.

A back-link is really very simple. Anytime another website places a URL link on their site that links directly back to your site, it’s called a back-link.

Why are back-links important? Because they help bring people to your website, but also because they help boost your site’s search engine standing.

All this from just a simple link to your site? Yes! But only if you know the differences between types of back-links and understand how to get the best mix of types to get the most traffic to your website.

Beware, though, because there are some pros and cons to each kind of back-link, and if you use them incorrectly or in the wrong combination you could end up lowering your search engine ranking by mistake.

Back-linking Do’s and Don’ts

Here are a few additional strategies that might help or hurt your site when planning out your back linking strategy and the reasons why:

  • Do Scope your own and competition’s back-links

For this you will simply log into one of the main search engines and type in special search terms to pull up information on your own or your competitor’s back-links. It’s like online business spying.

  • Do Offer RSS feeds

If you offer people looking for content, an RSS feed to content on your site, they will automatically back-link to you.

  • Do Press releases

If you have noteworthy news, you can write up a press release and send it out to sites that publish new announcements.

  • Don’t Do Back-link bombing

If you own more than one site (and start to put in reciprocal interrelated links for all your sites in a massive bombing), Google will penalize you.

  • Do Lateral linking

Add content to popular social networking sites like YouTube or Facebook with a back-link to your site. If your content goes viral, you can end up with many quality links going back to your website.

  • More, more, more

The more back links you get the better so continue to keep working on your back linking strategy on ongoing basis forever, not just when you launch your new website. One of the quickest ways the search engines are going to realize that your back links are real is if you have a huge surge of back link building activity right when your site launches and then it stops immediately soon.

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In order to show natural growth and look like a truly important site in your niche you’re going to need to continue to build your back links on an ongoing basis for the life of your website. This is not a part-time job unless you want to make part-time money, to put in the time to continually build your back links your website will rise in the search engines faster than you can imagine.

Back-links for Video & Images.

Back-links for video & images is now day nearly the most important type possible. Certainly, it’s one of the easiest ways. With the growth of Social media and the use of Smart Phones. Webmasters must use this opportunity. YouTube may be the biggest video site on the planet. But others do exist, check them out, post your videos to these. It will help grow your audience. This will then link back to your site.

Images are just another source to get backlinks.


On social media this so true. But when placing pictures on your site. Remember they must reflect the content. Not some random selection of pictures. Also take the time fill out the image details, especially the ALT TEXT BOX. Search engines can’t read pictures. So, give them the information.

Getting those extra links to your website will be woth the effort.

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