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Promote your Business using E Books & Magazines on the Digital Marketplace

Promote your Business using eBooks & Magazines on the Digital Marketplace

Promoting your business brand is easily accomplished with eBooks and Magazines, much more cost effective than some other advertising methods, social media ad for example. That can be expensive and not always reach your desired target. Buy developing an audience with free giveaway books or selling them on a shop channel like Amazon. You expose your business to a greater number of people, which in turn should help you grow a sustainable business on the digital marketplace

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You must stand out from the crowd.

Here at Best for Digital we will offer you the complete service. That  includes E- Cover Design, Full E-book creation in a niche that suits your needs. If you have a Blog, we can offer you A Blog to E-Book Service. So that you can offer it to your subscribers or sell it on the internet. On this page you will find examples of E-Books I have produced, so you can judge the quality for yourself. All our work comes with satisfaction guarantee, full payment not accepted till job complete. The use of the Flip Book is a great game changer. Your customers will be able to glimpse what’s inside the book and also the quality you offer. That’s very important on today’s internet market place. You must stand out from the crowd.

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The samples on the page are only guides, what you the customer requires that is whats important to us. No job is to small.

Get in touch with us and we will be glad to assist you.

Kindle Oasis E-reader - Waterproof
Kindle Oasis E-reader - Waterproof

E-Book Covers

Believe it or not the first e -book was designed in 1949 by a Spanish school teacher

 Angela Ruiz Robles. Now days the e-book industry is a thriving shopping digital marketplace.

Thanks mainly to the Amazon Kindle E-Reader Store. But there are other suppliers in the market as well, Kobo, Sony E-Reader. All worth checking out. Plus, you can read your book on your phone, tablet, any were you can access an internet connection.

I mention these few facts just to give you an idea how large the market is for eBooks. That’s why here at Best for Digital we offer you many combinations of finished product. The examples below are the exact size of cover needed to sell your work on Kindle Digital Publishing Platform. This cuts out the need for resizing. So, whether you are the next bestselling author like Steven King .Or you are publishing for the first time. We will produce a quality e Book-cover you can be proud to publish. It will catch the eye of the browsing public on any platform., thus increase your sales.

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People still judge a book by its cover

Even with the invention of the E BOOKS,the cover is still one of the most important parts to selling your book online and offline.If your cover looks dated or badly designed ? your job of selling that book becomes much harder.The visual aspect on the cover effects peoples buying power.

Myself i use a kindle e reader ,even though the covers at kindle store can be coloured. My books appear in black & white.

Question is what makes me by a book by a unknown author from the store?Simply the book cover attracts my eye.I stop to look at whats written on the cover.Does it give an indication of the book contents. Thriller,Autobiographical,love story,Who is the author,and then price.

Now if i buy books like that to read,not physical.The same can be said about the majority of people.As Amazon has proved over the years.Physical books are not dead. Today hard back books are still selling.So having the right cover becomes more important than ever.

Here at Best For Digital we are committed to provide you with up to-date E Book covers that will help your work stand out from the crowds. If that,s a full E Book purchase or just a quality Book cover for your project.

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