ChatPals Are The New Wave Of The Future For Digital Marketing Business Online

ChatPals  are the new wave of the future for digital business online today, and they aren’t as scary as you may want to believe.

If you own a business,  you can’t  be there for your customers 24/7. It’s not possible for you to be online all day and night. You’ve got other things to do.Life exists beyond business, no matter how much you want to believe otherwise.How many people can you talk to at one time?If you run a successful business, then there are going to be many people talking to you at one time. You will eventually run out of both time and energy when it comes to dealing with customers.

So the answer is to is have a Chatpal installed on your website. Our Chatbots can speak many languages ;Afrikaans ,Danish, Polish, Chinese, Romanian, Turkish, , Japanese, Swedish plus more.Naturally they will also speak the main languages  English ,French ,Spanish, Portages and German.

With the newest AI Technology the ChatPal will recognise a customer from a non-speaking English country language, automatically change to that language. Ensuring a better customer experience on your site .Ultimately leading to extra sales.

Depending your company profile the Chat box will be adjusted to your requirements. Branded with your logo and the flow chat can  be designed as per instructions .The ChatPal can make

Appointments, Offer Discounts, make Meal Reservations, Add Customers to your email Lists, Customer Feedback, Customer Support, Sell Training Courses, Exit Deals, Sell Software, Take Online Orders and take registrations for Webinars.

All together  a powerful method for your to drive more business and increase your profit margin.

The Chatpal Avatars can have your logo embedded on to their image when greeting your website visitors. Increasing customer confidence and brand awareness. Helping to build trust. We can offer 4 types of avatars to be deployed on a website

Branded Logo Men & Women,3D Men & Women, For a website designed with Kids in mind ,we will supply one our Animal avatars. True Text to Speech Technology means your customers will have no problem understanding the avatars.

Also For the human touch, a selection of human avatars are available. All will have a selected niche designed chat.

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